Choosing the Size of Your Unit

Our units come in several sizes, in 5' increments. The smallest unit is 5' wide x 10' long, and has a 4' wide rollup door. The larger units are all 10' wide, with 8' wide doors. The units have in interior height of about 8 feet.

Estimating the size of a unit is sometimes difficult. Feel free to give us a call to take a look at some units prior to deciding on your size.


The 5' x 10' units are about the size of a walk-in closet. They are best for items in boxes or plastic bins. If you have more than a few larger items, such as furniture or appliances, you will probably need a larger unit. The larger units also have a wider door, which makes moving in and out a bit easier.


The 10' x 20' units are best compared to a single car garage. These are the most common units, and easily handle several pieces of furniture, beds, appliances, and boxed items.


If you will be storing items that you will want to get to, it is best to rent a unit just a bit bigger than you would need if you were to fill it completely. That way, you can leave an isle down the center, to allow for searching and sorting.


Please note that the units have concrete floors. Moisture can "wick" through concrete, so it is always best to protect valuable items with a moisture barrier or pallet.  Also, since wind driven snow and rain can sometimes enter near the doorway, it is a good idea to keep items back from the floor in the front of the unit.


Locking Your Unit

We do not provide locks for your unit. The door has a sliding latch that accepts a standard padlock. Any good quality lock will work. However, our units are not fenced. For this reason, we do not recommend that you store extremely valuable property in our units. The units are meant mostly for unused household or seasonal items that need to be kept in a convenient, dry location. We do not insure your items, so you should check with your homowner's or tenant's insurance policy to be certain you are covered.