Super Tool Building is now the Up North Center

The third location of Pad Lock Self Storage is the Up North Center.

In the mid 1950’s Gordon Birgbauer, then President of Super Tool, began negotiating with the Village of Elk Rapids at the invitation of Harry L. Conrad Sr. and the Elk Rapids Industrial Development Committee to build a modern plant in Elk Rapids.  Mr. Conrad, who was a member of the Industrial Development Committee, a civil engineer, President of The Christman Company, and summer resident of the Elk Rapids area, designed, arranged financing, and contracted for the construction of the Super Tool building, in 1957. The plant was opened in the late 50’s and soon became the largest employer in the area. 


Recently the former Super Tool building has been undergoing a transformation, under new owners, Tom and Susan Wiltse.  Known now as The Up North Center, it is a home to several businesses, both in the factory area and the office area of the building.  The building itself is well over an acre in size. On the north end of the building, where Super Tool had its headquarters, offices have been completely renovated, with the industrial theme intact. Offices include: 


Up North Properties 

All Seasons Tax and Accounting Services

Standhardt Interior Design 

SteelGrip SAMM, Inc.

Web Shop Manager

Up North Shared Office Space (aka SOS).


The former factory floor houses:


Traverse Bay Manufacturing

Verified Path Machining

SteelGrip SAMM, Inc.

Michigan Maps, Inc.